Hello! Welcome to this blog!

I started it as a tribute to my eternal inspiration: my two amazing children, Z and Max.

Max is the older one and, as she proudly points it out, the one that made me a mom. Z is a year younger, and about as different from her sister as one can imagine.

They are both resilient and vulnerable, at the same time and in utterly unique ways.

I want them to flourish and stay wonderful human beings, reaching their full potential as they grow, so I have spent years looking for fun ways to entertain and teach them, for easy recipes to make them healthy meals that they will like and that will not imply spending too much time in the kitchen, and for advice on how to calm myself in order to treat them with respect they deserve and encourage them to mindfully enjoy life and behave kindly towards people around them.

Finally, I realized I had enough material for a proper blog, and with some nudging from my friends, I started writing entries that I filed into three categories:


children flying a giant kite







  • Food, providing simple recipes for tasty meals that take half an hour at most to prepare,
  • Play, which offers ideas for having a great time while boosting imagination, soft skills and motor dexterity, and supporting proper child development,
  • Love, first-hand advice on improving your relationship with your kiddo.

I hope the blog proves useful and entertaining.

And, please, write back. I would love to hear your own story, too.

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