Lovely origami crane mobile

origami crane mobile 2When my kids were small, I worried that their fine motor skills were not properly developed, so I foraged the internet for advice and ferreted out amazing number of great ideas for play and craft. Our living room drawers could no longer close with all the TP rolls, googly eyes, pom-poms, chimney sweepers, tissue paper, beads, glitter glue, and the shelves could hardly bear all the fine items we designed.

And then we discovered origami, which not only suited my children’s growing demand for more complex creations, but could also be stored fairly easily. Plus, our friends really treasured small tokens of appreciation from our collection of paper hearts, stars and flapping birds, so it was a pleasure all-over.

Recently I examined a selection of DIY nursery mobiles (we are expecting a new cousin in late spring) and the idea of an origami crane mobile seemed too appealing not to give it a try.

origami crane mobile

It requires some origami paper, a piece of thicker thread and a matching needle, a pair of scissors and a branch.

Making a crane takes about 10 minutes for the little hands, and maybe you would need to help a bit with the creases. There is a very nice video explaining in layman’s terms how to make this lovely bird.

Once you’ve got all the cranes you need (I prefer a flock of 12 to 18), run a thread through the vertical axis and secure it under the birds’ bellies by tying a knot.

Then give the hanging cranes to the kids to decorate the branch.

origami crane mobile 1How you will display this particular work of art pretty much depends on your own resources. Suffices to say I still haven’t figured it out, but I am working on it.

Anyway, we enjoyed making it immensely and the result is worth a full-bore admiration.

Have fun and send us photos of your own design!

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