Last minute DIY Xmas cards and treat jars

With holidays just around the corner, here are a few ideas for fun crafts that turn into really neat goodies to give away to the people you love.

Xmas cards

I love Christmas cards. Exchanging them with friends made me very happy when I was a child. Now I make them with my kids. It is a wonderful team effort that brings the Xmas spirit right into our home. Depending on their age, the children can add stickers, draw, sign their names, write the greeting, etc. All you basically need is some thick colourful paper for the drawing, cardboard for the card basis (we opted for red, green and gold), scissors, pencils, markers and glue. Glitter and holiday-themed stickers might also come in handy. We used A4 size cardboard and paper, which gave us 2 card bases and 8 drawing squares each, so for 8 cards you will need 4 sheets of cardboard and just one sheet of paper.


Cut the paper into 8 squares and give your kids the squares to draw on. In the meantime, half the A4 cardboard along the vertical line for a landscape orientation. Once the drawings are done, glue the paper onto the cardboard card and ta-da! We added some silver glitter dots for snow and several sticker snowflakes, to make them more wintery. Just let your Xmas imagination do its magic!

Xmas treat jars

If you’ve got some spare glass or plastic jars ready for upcycling and about 7 minutes time on your hands, you can really easily make these. Apart from jars, scissors and glue, everything else you need will have to be holiday-themed: some old wrapping paper, a couple of washi tapes, and ribbons if that’s your fancy.


Use the lid to draw a circle on the wrapping paper, cut it and glue it on top of the lid. While it dries, use the washi tape to decorate the jar which ever way you like. If your kid is younger than 6, they will probably need some help with keeping the tape in a straight line. Once the lid is ready, stick some washi tape around its edge and fill the jar with different treats. Finish it off by tying a ribbon around the jar and add a Xmas tree figurine for an additional holiday flair.


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