Knitting is the saving of life

Finally I started knitting a year ago, after a long time of flirting with the idea, watching my friends go up the stitch level ladder and trying to find a yarn shop near by. There are basically two words that describe best my experience with knitting: it’s great and it’s addictive. But, addictive in a good way.

When I finally decided it was high time I took to needles, I searched the internet for help and I found some really good videos on casting on and basic stitches (knit and purl). After a few weeks of practice, I moved on to more demanding stitches, but if you master the ground level ones, it’s all child’s play afterwards.

And speaking of play, once I started knitting, my kids wanted to join in, and, as chance would have it, we discovered hand knitting, both using just two and the whole four fingers. The latter can be used for making adorable shawls, which come especially handy when you ran out of Xmas presents’ ideas for friends and family.

sock-999052_1920Anyway, apart from being “the new yoga” and “the new black”, knitting is a great way to play with your kids, as it helps them improve their fine motor skills, patience, ability to focus and analytical competence. It is a fun experience that can be shared with others and a stress reducing activity which brings nifty results. Time to go get some fancy yarn and needles, right?!

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