The magical carob flour

Carob entered my life completely by accident. I was rummaging the shelves of a local healthy food store and to my great surprise managed to find an item that seemed both intriguing and cheap enough to give it a try.

I had no idea what to do with carob flour and shop assistant’s “add it to cakes” did not seem a very convincing suggestion, so I ran a check on it and was absolutely delighted to find out it was actually quite nutritious, rather tasty (most articles characterised it as a great alternative to chocolate) and had a relatively low glycemic load estimate (somewhere between a cabbage and a banana). So, not being too keen on sudden changes, I was trying it out carefully, adding small amounts to the stuff I normally make, such as hot cocoa, cookies and sweet pies, and it completely justified my high expectations. Now I don’t even enter the kitchen unless there’s a bag of carob flour somewhere in the cupboard.

carob-pods-73764_1280The kind I use is made of raw carob seeds and has a mildly sweet flavour, whereas the other type, the one made of toasted seeds, is on a slightly bitter side. The only snag for me is its particular texture, similar to very fine sand, due to which the powder doesn’t dissolve as easily. But that’s about it, in every other aspect I find it absolutely perfect, both in terms of taste and its nutritional attributes. So, do yourself a favour and give it try!

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