Falafel — a protein-packed treat

This post is dedicated to my very good friend, Nicoletta, a hard-working mom and professional, who makes everything seem easy, effortless and fun. Hence, the recipe I propose is short, simple and surprisingly useful when you’re in a rush to put food on the table.
Just mix all the ingredients in a blender, scoop to make balls or patties and fry in oil (the balls should swim in it, the patties don’t need as much).
Feel free to wander off the list of herbs and spices and try different flavours.

– half a kilo of dried chickpeas, left to soak overnight in salty water
– one onion, coarsely chopped
– 2-3 garlic cloves
– salt and pepper
– spices and herbs (I usually put basil, thyme and cumin seeds)
– 1 tbs chickpea flour
Pulse all ingredients to form a paste and you’re set to go. Leave in a fridge for an hour or so. Scoop the mixture to form balls or patties and fry on low heat until golden.

A tip: the mixture may seem loose when you put it into a pan, but frying will make it stick together. If it is still too loose, add a bit of chickpea flour to the mixture and blend well.

Serve with hummus, tzatziki salad or tahini dip.

Bon appétit!

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