Easy meals your kids will love

I hate cooking

I hate cooking. I find it a tragic waste of time. I would prefer to eat at the supermarket. Or, eat take-outs. Or, not eat at all. But, I’ve got children. And I care about their health, as well as my own. Hence, cooking is inevitable. Unfortunately. And I do it from scratch. Usually.

So I’ve found some really neat, quick and healthy recipes

After 6 years of search for the ideal lunch recipe, that would be super wholesome and done in under half an hour, I’ve made a database of thumbs-up ideas. The list is not big, but it can stretch for about two weeks, and then you may cross your fingers, hope the family missed some of the dishes and do it all over again.

And, everybody loves cookies, right?

When I told some people I make really healthy and tasteful cookies, they laughed. And then they tried some. And it’s true! You can stick to the recipes or you can improve on them, but whatever you do, please let me know how it went!

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